Section outline

  • PLC Programming Software

    This course is designed for those who have completed the PLC Programming Introduction course or understand PLCs and want to learn about PLC software and PLC hardware, and the communications between PLC software and hardware.   The course includes configuring PLC programming software, PLC emulator parameters, and communication drivers to connect virtually to a PLC and monitor the status.  Writing, testing, and debugging PLC ladder programs from a specification to check and test the configuration. PLC instructions used include bit, off delay, down counter, shift, integer. Each project uses a process description to develop a PLC ladder program solution. This is the same method used in industry to write PLC programs to a customer specification. Assessments are based upon the relevant performance and skills requirements described in the UEE Electrotechnology training package. Completion of this course will prepare you for the next course in the series PLC Programming Essentials.

      • 4 PLC Training Projects
      • 4 Training Videos
      • Online Learning and Study Resources
      • Online Knowledge and Skills Quizzes
      • Scheduled Online Q&A Sessions
      • Certificate of Completion
      • Hrs to Complete - 40

      • Apply WHS/OHS practices
      • Download and install PLC software
      • Learn how computers and PLC software works
      • Configure PLC software
      • Configure PLC hardware
      • Configure software drivers to communicate between a PLC and a computer
      • Use PLC software to communicate with a virtual PLC
      • Create, test and debug PLC ladder programs
      • Edit and modify PLC programs
      • Use PLC instructions
        • Bit, Off Delay Timer, Down Counter, Shift, Integer

    • This course covers some of the outcomes described in the following national UEE Electrotechnology training package competencies:

      • UEECD0007 - Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
      • UEECD0051 - Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
      • UEECS0033 - Use engineering applications software on personal computers
      • UEEIC0013 - Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers

      and skill set:

      •  UEESS00135 - Instrumentation - Programmable Control Systems Skill Set